We’re in the last few weeks of 2016. For those who set goals at the beginning of the year and have not realized or even started, I got news for you, if these were goals you planned to achieve by years end, you can still start! It’s ok to re-focus and take the steps toward that goal. Too many of us make New year’s resolutions on 1 January and by January 2nd the emotion of making that resolution starts to fade and by January 30th , it’s long forgotten, buried and not to be thought of again until the following next year. Well, this is a wake up call, forget that this year is almost over, get started anyway. What’s stopping you?!

You can make this year the Year you followed through and achieved! What stopped you? Is it age, Finances or lack of education? None of those are good excuses: Age; Colonel Sanders (KFC) got started at age 65, using his social security check ($105.00) an old station wagon , he traveled around the country trying to get people to buy his recipe. When funds ran low he would return home. When Sanders got his next monthly Social Security check he would head out again.

Ray Kroc (Mcdonalds) was a milk shake Machine salesman, in his early fifties.

John Johnson, founder of Johnson publishing (started Ebony and Jet magazines. His mother pawned her household goods to raise $400.00 for Johnson to start his company. He became one of the wealthiest black men in America.

Madam C J Walker (Hair care products), was the first child born in her family, into freedom after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, and was the first black female millionaire.

How about Farrah Gray a young black inner city kid (Reallionaire) a Millionaire at age 14, started with no money.

Then there’s Bill Gates, a college drop-out, now a Billionaire. All the people listed above have different backgrounds and as you can see all the reasons why they should not have succeeded are there, the one thing they all have in common is that they believed they could succeed ( Believe and Achieve) and each day they took steps toward that goals (Faith). They succeeded against all odds.

Of course there are many, many others I could list but I think I’ve made my point.

So, the question remains, what’s stopping you? Take inspiration from those listed or find someone who’s currently achieving and get mentored by them.

It’s UrLife, so make the rest of this year the best of the year!!!